Games Played 15th October

There were 5 games last night:

Andrew F and Mike played a 25mm Franco-Prussian game using Neil Thomas’s 19th Century rules. They were interesting to play and gave a quick simple game. Both said they would play them again (and in fact, Mike is playing Anthony next week). This was the first outing for Mike’s 25mm FPW figure which he only bought 12 years ago!

There is a battle report by Andrew here:

Daivid and Dave E played FOG:A (I think) which seemed to be over very quickly.

Anthony and Alistair played a 15mm French-Iandian wars game in 15mm using Muskets and Tomahawks.

Andy, Steve W, Steve G, Bob, Russ and Kevin played a Spanish Civil War game as a test of Andy’s rules – again it finished quite quickly.

Steve C and Andrew D played a DBMM game in 15mm.