Saxony, 1809

Here are the players’ briefings, rules and final report from the club’s Napoleonic campaign in Saxony, 1809. The battles were fought in 15mm using Throne of Bayonets rules. The spreadsheet (which wasn’t shown to the players) tracked where forces were, and kept up-to-date force strengths. The spreadsheet shows the state of play at the end of the campaign.
One small trick was to give the Austrian and French players different versions of the rules (although the rules for both sides were, in fact, the same) and different feedback. Austrians received subtle notices like ‘your Landwehr seem tired after the last march’, whilst the French received dramatic and slightly over-coloured reports ‘innumerable stragglers and deserters have fallen out from the march, but your regiments are stronger without such weaklings’. This encouraged the Austrians to take short, careful marches and harvest their troops, whilst the French launched some epic forced marches that cost them as many stragglers as a major battle.
Briefing for GM Am Ende

Briefing for FML Radivojevich

Briefing for the Duke of Brunswick

Briefing for King Jerome
Briefing for GD Junot, Duc d’Abrantes

Briefing for Oberst Thielmann

Campaign Strength monitoring tool
Austrian version of the players’ rules

French version of the players’ rules

The results