Battle of Dorylaeum, 2006 AD

The Society of Ancients chose Dorylaeum as the focus of the 2006 Battle Day, and elicited an enthusiastic response from the Guildford club. We ran three games on the day – a DBMM game in 15mm, Armati in 28mm and Ironbow II, also in 28mm.

The day was not a great success for the club. Despite running fully 1/3 of the games laid on, we got only one prize, for ‘most hapless Crusader’ in the Ironbow game. The Shattered Lances crowd had flown the author of the rules in specially from New Zealand, so we could hardly begrudge them ‘best game’, but it was still a bitter disappointment.

The map, order of battle and report from the Ironbow game are available here.


Orbat 1st Crusade.xls

Dorylaeum report – Ironbow Guildford.doc

Ironbow rules from The Perfect Captain can be downloaded free from the Captain’s site at

(although the deal is you make a contribution to the charity of your choice) . A great set of rules which we heartily recommend.

You can find a copy of the DBMM report (to which our club contributed a number of players) at